The first issue of Fanatical is now available digitally on DriveThruFiction (and DriveThruRPG as a matter of fact). You can find it here.

Well, look at that.

Fanatical will also be available in print tomorrow at the London tabletop gaming convention Dragonmeet.

If you're around, come on down and find us at stand 11 in the lower trade hall as part of the London Tabletop Industry Networking group.

But what can you expect to find within the pages of Fanatical? Read on to see which tales from the tabletop feature in the our first issue...

Sleep of the Just by Marcus Wight - A wandering knight takes on a job and gets more than he bargained for.
‘Nothing at first. At first. But then he began to just about make out the sound of branches moving and something that sounded like footfalls. And breathing. Deep breathing. Coming from behind him. This was no bear.’

The Most Dangerous (Board) Game by Carolyn Stein and Stephen Stein - A board game demo at a convention is more than it seems.
‘Seating himself, Nick gulped down several cheese-covered nachos, licked his fingers, and reached across the board. He hesitated for a moment, considering his move, and then picked up one of his wolves, only to suddenly drop it. “Hey! It bit me.”’

The Wave Nature of Matter by Vincent deDiego Metzo - A young woman trying to navigate adoloscence, finds herself contending with a strange phenomena, in her apartment building.
‘He threw the chair into the static. They ducked expecting it to bounce back or crash through to the other side. The static buzz went up in pitch. “Wasn’t this in a movie?”’

Marget and the Mimic by Rhiannon Lotze - A retired resident of begins to wonder if the disappearences in her neighbourhood have something to do with that package left across the street.
‘Margaret turned in for the night, but one thought stuck in her mind, making it hard to fall asleep; the Amazon package on the porch across the way was definitely bigger.’

Crittenton by Victory Witherkeigh - Hired to look into an obfuscated part of America's past, a private detecive discovers something even more horrifying.
‘Why he hadn't checked for an escape route was beyond stupid, in his opinion, but Detective Vadon Moss didn't have time to dwell on it now. Something was coming for him, and it was angry, hungry for vengeance.’

Down into the Depths by Roland Bridge - Venturing into the depths of the world on a quest, an adventuring party wonders if every member can pull their weight. 
‘I’m the guy that gets things done. I bring skill and finesse to the group. Skill is my spear and Finesse is my hammer. If there is a door that is heavily locked? Finesse. Someone won’t tell us where the treasure room is? Finesse.'