Ladies and Gents, we present to you the new look Fanatical for issue 2!

Not final cover - but this is more or less it.

The cover art, featuring space dwarfs about to engage an imperial trooper, was commissioned from Mustafa Bekir, who according to his own Twitter bio, is a "Fighting Fantasy/80s GW inspired illustrator". This is the exact reason we thought he was the best person for this issue, to really capture that Rogue Trader era vibe. It also acts as the world's first glimpse of the cover story's protagonists, Cap'n Ironclaw's Scrap n Salvage, the space dwarf crew who will fight tooth and nail over that which they deem theirs.

Mustafa was even so good as to provide a time lapse version of the creation of this piece, from our editor's initial terrible concept sketch all the way to final image.

Note, from the second issue onwards, whilst we are remaining a bi-monthly publication, we're dropping the (dual) month naming convention used by so many literary magazines and instead going with good old fashioned issues numbers, like regular magazines, comic books and even the magazine that inspired Fanatical.

If you want to check out more stuff by Mustafa, check him out on Twitter and Instagram.