Fanatical is now open for submissions, but with a difference. Rather than having a set window of a number of weeks, giving us a short turn around to process and edit submissions, Fanatical will now be open to submissions all year round, with a rolling issue deadline.

This is the schedule for 2023.

Issue 2 (March/April) - launching Feb 28, submission deadline end of January.
Issue 3 (May/June) - launching April 28, submission deadline end of March.
Issue 4 (July/August) - launching June 28, submission deadline end of May.
Issue 5 (September/October) - launching August 28, submission deadline end of July.
Issue 6 (November/December) - launching October 28, submission deadline end of September.

We reserve the right to change this schedule down the line if something else works better for us.

If you submit after the deadline for a particular issue, we will instead consider your story for the next issue. If we receive a lot of good submissions for any issue, we may ask to hold a story over until the next issue.

Anyway, that's how Fanatical's submissions will be done going forward. Be sure to check out our submission page for more info.