After launching FANATICAL with issue 1 at the end of 2022, it was always the plan to give ourselves some time off to get issue 2 ready and build up to schedule of having a new issue ready every two months.

When COVID-19 struck, this meant delaying the release of issue 2, pushing it back from March to May, a difficult decision but a necessary one.

May came and went and due to other factors, we couldn't release issue 2 on time.

But I'm very happy to say that issue 2 (now the Sept/Oct issue) will release AUGUST 28TH!

Issue 2 - releasing August 28th

And work is already under way for issue 3 - releasing October 28th.

Issue 3 - releasing October 28th

And beyond!

Issue 4 - releasing December 28th

Thank you for your patience. It has been a trying few months and perhaps one day we will detail the behind the scenes struggles, but for now, we look onwards and upwards.

The updated release/submission schedule is below, as well as on our submission page.

Issue 2 (September/October) - releasing August 28, submissions now closed.
Issue 3 (November/December) - releasing October 28, submissions now closed.
Issue 4 (January/February) - releasing December 28, submission window September 1 - October 31.
Issue 5 (March/April) - releasing February 28, submission window November 1 - Dec 17.