About Fanatical

Fanatical is the magazine of sci-fi and fantasy stories based on tabletop games.

What exactly does that mean?

Often when playing games around a table with friends, stories are told that go on to fuel the imagination well after the game has finished. This could be the result of roleplaying games, board games or miniature wargames.

Fanatical is the place to for those stories.

For all those people that turn up to their first session of Dungeons & Dragons with 17 pages of backstory.
For those that "definitely aren't into roleplaying" but play the part of their character in Betrayal at the House on the Hill a bit too well.
For those that have worlds within their head that need to be explored.

Come join us and maybe, guide us through a world of your own.

Creator/editor Nicholas Whitney co-founded the roleplaying game zine Never Mind the Dice Rolls in 2021. In issue 009 he had the opportunity to revisit the first roleplaying game campaign he ever played, reviewing Tales from the Loop and writing a short story not only set in that world, but the very world of his campaign. The spark was lit.

Entering a writing jam, based on a miniature wargame no less, Nicholas wrote a piece of flash fiction that told the tragic story of a man, set against the beliefs he was sworn to uphold in his fight to do the right thing. The number of people who told him they needed to know what happened next in that story hold their share of the blame for all this.

Fanatical will be sold digitally through DriveThruFiction, with a budget for small print runs.