Issue 1 (Dec 2022), available digitally via DriveThruFiction.

Cover art "Wandering Knight" by Paul Tomes

Sleep of the Just by Marcus Wight

The Most Dangerous (Board) Game by Carolyn and Stephen Stein

The Wave Nature of Matter by Vincent deDiego Metzo

Margaret and the Mimic by Rhiannon Lotze

Crittenton by Victory Witherkeigh

Down into the Depths by Roland Bridge

Issue 2 (Nov/Dec 2023) is out now. Available digitally via DriveThruFiction.

Cover art "Space Dwarfs" by Mustafa Bekir.

Scrap 'n' Salvage by Nicholas Whitney

The Cat Burglar by Alice Avoy

The Witch's Tree by C Lenz

Prisoners of Correl by CM Lowry

The Simple Things by K.M. Thomas

It Came From Salem by Andrew Hughes