What we're looking for...

Update: 20/05/24 - Fanatical is currently CLOSED for submissions.

We are looking for unpublished sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories of between 2,000 and 6,000 words.
Please only submit one story at a time and don't submit if it's already submitted somewhere else.
All stories should be self-contained, no "to be continued".
Recurring characters across multiple stories will be considered, as long as each story is a solid read in its own right.
If you've already been published in an issue of Fanatical you are free to submit again, but we may hold your submission over so as not to publish the same author in back to back issues.
Fanatical will pay £20 per accepted story, paid upon publication. We pay via Paypal.
Upon acceptance, authors retain rights to the story but we ask they don't publish/submit it anywhere else before it is published in Fanatical.

These stories should be inspired by/based on tabletop games - roleplaying games, board games, miniature wargames.

Though Fanatical may take it's name from the concept of fan fiction, we're not looking to get sued here.

  • A story about an adventuring party consisting of a dwarf, an elf, a human and a halfling going into a dungeon to fight a dragon is fine. A story specifically set in a copyright protected world of Dungeons & Dragons, with reference to its locations and characters is not.
  • A story about a genetically engineered super-soldier in power armour fighting aliens in the far future is fine. A story about a Space Marine fighting Xenos in the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000 is not.
Rest assured the editors at Fanatical will work with you to ensure your stories meet our criteria in this regard.

Authors should be able to clearly point to the editors which game inspired their story as it will be included in the Suggested Playing section included in each issue. We appreciate that some might be able to stretch the definition of "inspired by" but please don't try and hammer a square peg into a round hole.

Submission deadlines and format

Fanatical is open to submissions all year around. We will be operating on a rolling deadline basis. If you submit after the deadline for a particular issue, your submission will be considered for the next issue. If we receive a number of good submissions, we may ask to hold your story over until the next issue.

Issue 3 - August 28
Issue 4 - October 28
Issue 5 - December 28
Issue 6 - February 28

Submissions should be submitted in the form of a Word document, size 12 Times New Roman, double spaced, standard margins with pages numbered. Please include your name (and pen name if applicable), contact email, brief writer's bio (no more than 100 words), what game inspired the submission and word count. Please see the example below. As long as it's close to this format, you should be fine.

Submissions can be sent to the following email: