Like a phoenix from the flames

There was a dream — to create a magazine of fantasy and science-fiction short stories based on tabletop games. And with the release of the first issue of Fanatical, debuting in December 2022 at Dragonmeet, that dream was realised.

The second issue of Fanatical was released at Dragonmeet 2023, which a view to having a full schedule of issues going forward, making it a true bi-monthly periodical.

But there are many challenges to making any publication and if you're someone who didn't come up through a traditional publishing background, you won't know these challenges until you face them. And maybe, you won't know how to surmount them. As such, the dream of a bi-monthly magazine fell to the wayside, for a time.

But now, things have changed. I can't say exactly what, it would be like explaining why a joke is funny, but things are different.

For a tangible point on the horizon to focus on, there is Dragonmeet 2024. With Fanatical securing its placed at that show for the third year in a row, but with a desire to show up with more than just another yearly issue, a new plan has been formed. One that looks remarkably like the old plan if we're honest, just pushed back several months.

When we show up to Dragonmeet 2024 we want to have a more of a selection for our prospective customers.

With that being said, here is the new schedule for the rest of 2024:

Issue 3 - August 28
Issue 4 - October 28
Dragonmeet Special - November 30
Issue 5 - December 28

Further updates to follow...